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Welcome to our website.The History of Chordia family is long, but we know something about it only since a little more than 100 years ago when our great grand father Mangilalsa chordia moved from Neemach to Nagore. His father (Our Great great grandfather) was Suganchandsa Chordia. Not much is known about him. Mangilalsa Chordia (our great grand father)moved to TamilNadu in 1927 to a small village called Nellikupam with his wife, Neni Bai, our Great Grandmother. They had 2 sons - Suparasmullsa Chordia and Sajjanrajsa Chordia and 2 daughters - Guni Baisa and Choti Baisa.

         Suparasmullsa Chordia was a freedom fighter.He believed in the cause of freedom for mankind, and even went to prison while fighting against the British.He married Asha Bai ( better known as Ratni Bai)and settled down as a pawn broker. Together they had 10 children of which 2 died at child birth. Hasthimullsa chordia (our Father is the 4th of the eight children who grew up in the small village of Nellikupam. He married Shanti Kanwar from Bafna family.
         Suparasmullsa - 10 children - 2 died at child birth - the others - Dhanroopmullsa, Kalyanmullsa, Pusi Bai (daughter), Hasthimullsa (3/9/1934), Jhanrimullsa, Sampatmullsa (was adopted by Uncle), Chanchal Bai (daughter) and the youngest was called Chanchalmullsa.


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